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[IP] Re: Insulin stinging

> My Son, Joshua, has complained many times about the Humalog stinging when he
has to do some larger boluses, especially shortly after a new site insertion.
Now I'm wondering if this is something that some people may be experiencing.
I've told our endo abot this and he has said the same thing as Michael, that
insulin does not sting.  Maybe that statement is not completely accurate. And
the 'stinging' has occured with a new vial of insulin as well as older one! >

There are a lot of *pump wars*on this list, and I'll give you my *take* on the
above post. I wonder if Joshua uses a Disetronic or Animas pump? The D users
seem to brag about how much faster their pumps deliver insulin than the
sloooow MiniMed with the step motor. I LIKE THE SLOW DELIVERY because the
first 2 pumps I had delivered faster and I couldn't stand the pain. I do not
have pain with the slower delivery of the MiniMed. This is definitely a YMMV
thing. That is one reason it would be good to try loaner pumps from each
company before settling on a purchase. However, aren't the loaners to be used
for saline? If so, it wouldn't be a true test without insulin. (~_^)

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