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[IP] more for those on prozac

this prozac stuff is driving me nuts.  i see the counselor thursday for my
first session, but i don't see the actual dr for 2 more weeks.  she said
that it would take about a month for me to feel whether or not it was really
working, and i've only been taking it for 2 weeks.  i don't know if i need
to give it time or if it's not working right, but i have these
headaches...and my mood swing are tremendous.  i go from one extreme to the
other.  i can be in the best mood in the  afternoon/ early
evening...singing, smiling, thinking the world is great and loving life and
thinking i can handle everything and i love everybody...to later feeling so
upset and getting mad at the slightest thing and feeling so
overwhelmed...the exact opposite.  and i don't know why.  it's like there's
a rollercoaster ride inside my head.  i have been getting mad at my
boyfriend every night for stupid little stuff that never bothered me before.
but when i'm feeling good, i even look forward to going to work.  i still
have trouble getting going to school in the morning, though, which is when i
take it.  i don't think it's my sugars, i know it's not pms, and even if i
was stressed out this isn't usual for me.  has anyone else felt like this?
do i need to call the doc and get off it or should i stick it out hoping it
will get better with time?  thanks for listening.


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