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[IP] re: ACE inhibitor

Hi Angie,
   Yeah, my doctor started me on this six weeks ago ...and that was with a
BP score of 126/66.  He put me on Altace for it's protective value against
heart attacks after we made the shocking discovery that I have coronary
artery disease (including one completely blocked coronary artery). I ride my
bike 10 miles or more a day so this was unexpected. My diabetes is 26 years
   I go to see my doc on Wednesday so he can see how I'm doing on the ACE
inhibitor and the cholesterol lowering medication I've been on for three
months now. I'll let you know if anything comes up. This is new to me too so
let me know your experience with it. Indeed I've heard that it is used to
delay or prevent the appearance of kidney disease and I believe even if you
are already spilling proteins it can reverse that.


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