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Re: [IP] yet another basal question!?

> >I
> am having consistent lows at 12 noon. Should I stop the 1.0 at 10am or
> to prevent the lows?

if using Humalog, (I presume)  ...then I suggest lowering basal at 10 am and
then test for a few days to see if you are 'even steven' at 11 am and noon.

geneva also gets low at lunchtime.   we lower hers from about 11 am until 2

make sure that your carb ratio is correct at breakfast...this may be causing
lows by lunchtime.

you may have several blocks of time throughout the day with different
basals.   for instance,  10 am - 3 pm.    3 pm - 8 pm.   8 pm - midnight.

if you are getting low from 4-7pm...I would perhaps keep your new , lower
basal right up until 6 or 7 pm.

good luck,

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