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[IP] Ace Inhibitors

Hello All!  I just got back from a doctor visit today, and all is well with
the new pump!! (Yea)  My endo was pleased with my adjustment to pumping and
said bg's looked great!!  But... he said the bottom number of my blood
pressure was a little high- 108 over 90.  And also the results from a 24
hour urine collection showed that I was leaking a small amount of protein
from the kidneys.  As a result he put me on an ace inhibitor ( Altace 2.5mg
once a day ).  I was just wondering if anyone else takes this medication,
and if the results have been good?  I am a little nervous about the high
blood pressure because it runs badly in the family ( And I am only 21 years
old ).  But I also know that the ace inhibitor can pervent further kidney
damage.  Anyway... I would like to hear someone else's view on this.  Thanks

dx'd age 16
pumping since 12/99

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