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[IP] Here I am!!

here i am....bet you all missed me, didn't you??  except Fran in Arizona who 
got to meet me last week!  Fran, in case you were all wondering is GOOD 
people!!!  We had such a nice time and it was great to meet someone else from 
this list.

I want to say welcome to all the new members, hi to all my friends, and make 
a few short requests before I tackle the 47 digests I have waiting for me....

1. can we PLEASE all NOT send short "way to go" and "I agree" messages to the 
list???  If you want to congratulate someone, or ask if they live down the 
road from you, or just want to agree with something someone else said, but 
have nothing pertinent to the discussion to add, then PLEASE send it directly 
to the person.

2.  can we PLEASE all remember to CHANGE the subject line.  For slackers like 
me, who are faced with 47 digests, i have to skim through everything, cuz I 
dont wanna miss anythintg...THIS GOES for you long timers as well.

3.  can we PLEASE all remember not to copy the ENTIRE message to which we are 
responding to in the body of our own message?  a mere line or two is all that 
is needed to remind us what the thread is about...

lastly, I will be in the chicago area the week of 2/6 if anyone is brave 
enough to meet me!!!  email me PRIVATELY as I probably wont get to all these 
digests before APril!!

love ya
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