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Re: [IP] tend to overeat when low

jan hughey wrote:

> > There is a physiologic reason why we tend to overeat when low.  The BG
> will
> > rise more quickly if you load up your gut with glucose-- the problem as we
> > all know is that it keeps on rising well beyond what we need.   The trick
> > is to eat just enough to bring us up to normal or slightly above, but
> > because this takes a bit longer  and we think we may soon be out of
> > control, we tend not to think so logically.
> > - -wayne

At the time we are not thinking rationally (or logically), no matter what we
tell anyone who might be around us - if all I am thinking about is food and
getting it into my body time stands still...... Not easy to think rationally or
logically when our "survival" (sometimes literally) depends on getting the BS

> I don't agree. There are times when I *feel* low and take a drink of milk
> (yes, w/o testing). If I inhale the milk I know for sure. It seems like I
> just can't get it in fast enough or volume enough. There are other times
> when I test low and don't want a thing to eat. Low should be low, but my
> *mind* does not tell me I need more food. Pumping is nice because if I have
> devoured too much, I can bolus for it.
> Jan H

If it's like me the distorted thoughts that "it's not THAT low" and "I've got
plenty of time"...  If any of us have devoured too much we can bolus (whether we
are using a pump or not).....

Jim S.
email @ redacted

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