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[IP] tend to overeat when low

> There is a physiologic reason why we tend to overeat when low.  The BG
> rise more quickly if you load up your gut with glucose-- the problem as we
> all know is that it keeps on rising well beyond what we need.   The trick
> is to eat just enough to bring us up to normal or slightly above, but
> because this takes a bit longer  and we think we may soon be out of
> control, we tend not to think so logically.
> - -wayne

I don't agree. There are times when I *feel* low and take a drink of milk
(yes, w/o testing). If I inhale the milk I know for sure. It seems like I
just can't get it in fast enough or volume enough. There are other times
when I test low and don't want a thing to eat. Low should be low, but my
*mind* does not tell me I need more food. Pumping is nice because if I have
devoured too much, I can bolus for it.
Jan H

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