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Re: Subject: [IP] blood in site and tubing!


I know when I hit a vessel I don't always get blood in the tubing, however 
that is not to say that the site is going to be any good.  I always press on 
the set hard and tap it rather hard when i put it in to see if there is pain. 
 If there is it comes out before the tape goes on.  (Yes I re-use it, but I'm 
also using rapids for this exact reason)  I have real trouble finding a spot 
I therefore, leave it in for a week.  I know, I know, but that is how I've 
always done it.  That method is still not fool-proof.  They sometimes move 
around and what goes in feeling great may give me trouble later.  Always when 
this happens my sugars rise.  Hope this helps.

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