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[IP] Exceptional

> Subject: Re: [IP] rotating sites
> > I toss and turn in bed quite a bit - from side to side. HOW do you keep
> > the infusion set from *rubbing* out or dislodging it while rolling over
> > when it is in the buttocks, thighs, etc?
> Lily says
> "When it's in my stomach, it doesn't really matter. When it's in my butt
> I just don't sleep on that side, I sleep on the other side or my stomach
> or back."
> Michael

I guess I am an exception (YMMV = MMMV) to almost everything -- even an
exceptional diabetic. I have a permanently-damaged nerve due to a spinal tap
to determine the coma (11/5/50) and it is difficult to sleep on my back. I
have back pain most of the time and have seen *backologists* (chiropractors)
for over 30 years. I guess rotating sites is one more thing added to my
limitations. 8^(
    Jan (60 y/o, pmpg 8/23/83)

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