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Re: [IP] blood in site and tubing!

Well, I'm not quite sure about the staying high now.  Are you using Humalog?  
I don't usually stay high after a site change, unless of course it still is 
not a good site.  Also I  don't have any experience with that age person.  
All I can say is to check all possibilities.  I don't know what set your 
using either.  I always have lag time when I use the soft set.  It could be 
anything from the connection being not tight enough, not a good site, lag 
time in the set, bad insulin, bad hormone day, stress, ect.  I know you know 
all the scenarios.  I hope i have given you something to look at, but I feel 
like I'm letting you down. Good luck and let me k ow.
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