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[IP] My TV interview

I had my TV interview this afternoon. They filmed me in my kitchen (other
places in the house were tidier...sigh) and asked several questions about
both the MM glucose sensor and the pump. I showed my infustion site to the
camera. Fortunately, I hadn't put it in my backside... that could have been
more entertaining than they wanted. :-) I showed how the set disconnects
and also how to do a bolus. Jan -- I'm impressed that you were able to do a
complete set change on camera!! I also brought the reporter up to my
computer room (without the camera... didn't clean that room) and showed him
the IP website and the link to my CGMS data. I'm not sure if he will use
that in the report or not, but he seemed interested. (He admitted that he
needs to get a computer!)

Looking back, I can think of better ways to answer some of the questions
than I did, but as far as I know, I didn't pick my nose or anything too
embarrassing. The report will air early next week, with my interview being
the second half of a two-part series. I'll probably be mortified when it
comes out. The first part of the series will feature the reporter getting
hooked up to the sensor, and an interview with my endo. 

Mary Jean

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