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Re: [IP] Glucose Gel

> I agree that those glucose gel tubes are nice, but I can't imagine
> how one can check BG while scuba diving.  I know you're good
> Michael, but if you stuck your finger to check BG, you'd likely be
> less worried about your low BG, and more worried about getting away
> from that shark :-) -wayne

I dunno, a couple of times I've been out with Lily and she has said 
the was beginning to not feel OK when we got back she was on the low 
side. Not awful, but lower than I'd like for being in the water. That 
was before she got more serious about diving and was just fooling 
around close to shore "looking". Now there is a whole program she 
adheres to when going in the water -- extra carb intake, minimum bg 
levels, gel in everyones pockets, etc... She also has never had lows 
since she started the carb intake prior to going in the water. 
Usually maintains pretty stable bg's over the 1 - 2 hours we actually 

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