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Re: [IP] Dawn - skin?

> Dawn,
> I'm a little off-track, possibly (it wouldn't be the first time! :)  ),
> I have the same kind of "skin cycle" happening - what do you do with
> Retin-A?
> Sammi

Sammi -

Retin-A is a topical skin treatment.  You may have heard of older women
using Retin-A products to help get rid of fine lines they may be
experiencing; Retin-A has also been found to help out all us folks who can't
seem to get rid of our adult acne.  ;)
It works by speeding up the process of skin cell renewal (similiar to how
alpha hydroxy based products work - only better! ).

I was using a topical clindimycin (sp) treatment on my face, but it made me
break out in a rash, along with not doing a thing about my acne.  My new
doctor asked if I would like to try a Retin-A based product, and I jumped at
the chance to do so.  You can only get it through a prescrip, and it's sorta
spendy (I think I paid around $40.00 for a tube of it - and most prescrip
programs through insurance won't pay for it) but I've had that tube since
November, and it's still half full.  You put it on your face at night after
you've washed, and that's it!  I have had a significant change in how my
skin 'behaves' now - not as oily, and no zits for a while there, although I
do go through times where I break out with one or two (better than the field
that used to break out along my jawline! :)  ).  The only down side I've
noticed is that I sometimes get dry patches, and your skin is more
susceptible to the sun  - if you're using it make sure to use a good
sunscreen.  If you've tried other products and they don't seem to be
working, you might want to bring this one up the next time you see your
doctor.  I like it a lot.  The product I use is made by Ortho
Pharmacueticals, called Retin-A Microgel.  It's available in a couple of
different strengths so if you have less oily or really sensitive skin you
can probably get one that's less apt to bother it.  Hope this helps!  Dawn

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