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[IP] At Last got my At Last, and the flu

I got my new AtLast meter in the mail today, and of course broke it all
apart and got prepared to be not poked!  It was fun!  It didn't hurt me at
all, and as far as blood, only a tiny little bit comes out, and its all you
need.  The test strip is odd, its sort of like this:
But the top is closed in too, and the 1 is attached to the side.  The only
thing I could use that looked like a little round thingie (vbg)Anyway, I am
not an artist, sorry.  But it was very interesting and I didn't mind the
contraption at all,  even though it is a bit larger than a normal meter But
this is where it differs from my DEX:  It read a bg of 374 (I AM SICK!!
Flu, yuk) and my Dex read 421.  So I believed my Dex, and took 3 units to
bring me down to hopefully 121.  I have had the flu for a week, just the
coughing, and now I get it full fledged.  Had my flu shot too, so this
really bites.  BG's are a mess, have a temp basal going also.  Last week
bg's were low form flu, this week high!  No ketones thank goodness.
But I will keep all posted on my trials with my new meter, and I will keep
comparing the two meters. The AtLast did say it would have a variance of 15
to 20 % higher, since it was plasma reading, not whole blood.  But my Dex is
also plasma, so I was not sure what to think
Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
email @ redacted

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