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Re: [IP] Bg Awareness Post-pump

email @ redacted wrote:

>       So much for the "mechanics" of diabetes!....Until those stubborn endos
> give more credence to the "non-mechanical" aspects of life with diabetes
> 24/7, they just won't "get it"!!

One of my biggest complaints about the medical profession is that they
see so many people who ARE out of control, and who have lost the
awareness of both highs and lows, that they just accept what really are
terrible numbers and don't think it's worth their time to help you do

Since going on insulin, I've always had what my endo thinks is EXCELLENT
control. But I also have very good awareness of symptoms, and feel yucky
if I'm over 200 or below 70. 

Thus, my goal for control, which is predicated not only on A1c, but also
on FEELING GOOD, is keeping my BGs between those numbers. And when I go
outside those numbers very often, even if my A1c is beautiful, I'm out
of control! 

The frustrating part is being told that I'm being too finicky and/or
obsessed -- simply because my A1c is good. I'm sorry, but the A1c
doesn't live my life for me!

I like having the pump, and having learned how to adjust insulin simply
because it puts the decisions in MY hands, and I'm not dependent on a
doc to give or withhold the medicine I might need in order to feel

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