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Re: [IP] No Low BG Sensation

There is a physiologic reason why we tend to overeat when low.  The BG will
rise more quickly if you load up your gut with glucose-- the problem as we
all know is that it keeps on rising well beyond what we need.   The trick
is to eat just enough to bring us up to normal or slightly above, but
because this takes a bit longer  and we think we may soon be out of
control, we tend not to think so logically.

I usually eat 3 glucose tablets. That does a pretty good job for me. I don't
go sky high like I used to when I would just eat anything sweet in sight. I
know what you mean about the roller coaster though. That happens to me
sometimes still too, but not nearly as often as it did on MDI.  David

> If it makes you feel any better, I have the same problem.
> It's a tough one
> to figure accurately, since I find that it's impossible to
> know the number
> carbs to take that will bring me exactly to where I should
> be... too many
> variables involved here. For me, this often brings on a post-low (or
> post-high) roller-coaster effect.
> Sam>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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