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[IP] minimed 508 Alarm A37

Hello everyone,

Just a quick comment and question.  Allie is using the minimed 508.  Sat. she 
got up ate and earlier than usual breakfast, sugars before and 2 hours after 
were fine, ate lunch at 11:55 (which was sausage biscuit and hash browns) 
sugars before and 2 hours afterwards were fine.  I think she may have even 
been about a 100 2 hours afterwards. Was busy (very busy) day and didn't eat 
anything until 6:30 when she was hungry, so she took her bs and was 500.  She 
was due for a change that night, so I decided we had better go ahead and 
change. We got her changed and she bolused 5 (4.5 for the high and .5 to fill 
the cannula).  well I turn to walk out of the room and it alarms.  It is a 
A37, I believe.  Couldn't find it anywhere on the chart.  So I call the 800 
number.  This lady is very nice and walks me through the procedure to stop 
it.  She basically tells me to increase the time by one minute.  Seems it is 
some kind of alarm where the timing has gotten off.  We finish, everything 
seems to be ok, and she ask me a few questions.  One of the first being what 
was her last bs?  When I tell her 500, she starts going why is  it is high?  
(i said I had no clue, asked about the site going bad.... she acted as if I 
were crazy)  Did you give her a shot? (no, cuz I knew she could bolus)   Did 
you check for keytones? (no I hadn't, because I was changing the site first)  
How many times do you check her bs a day?  (at least 8)  Then I tell her her 
last bolus was at 11:55 and she goes, you haven't checked her bs since 11:55? 
 (no, I took it before she ate and 2 hours after! it was fine)  Okay, maybe I 
am a little on the defensive side, but I felt like she was acting as if I was 
a negligant parent, not to mention a STUPID one too!  Then we realize that 
the timing is off entirely (it is 6 hrs ahead of time).  Well I'm thinking 
that is the problem.  And then she goes on to insinuate that my 11 year old 
daughter must be "playing" with the pump or just "pushing" buttons.  (I know 
I sound like all parents) but I don't think so.  Give me a break............. 
this IS NOT a toy, like she doesn't know what happens if she does something 
wrong.  I DO trust her entirely in this area, but did ask her to be sure.  
She was very hurt (holding back the tears) that I would even consider that 
she had "played" with her pump!  So then I start looking at boluses and 
primes etc.  trying to figure at what point the time actually got off.  Well, 
when  I looked at the last prime (I primed when she took the set out to make 
sure it was still giving out insulin) it was the correct time.  When I looked 
at the last bolus it showed only a .6 bolus, and the time was wrong.  So I 
know that the time got off somewhere during the site change.  I know I didn't 
push any buttons randomly to change the time.  ( I mean really what are the 
chances of this happening, minimed pump users?)  
And, though  the lady from minimed didn't agree with this, somehow the alarm 
caused the pump to stop delivery on the bolus.  Remember, I told you she 
bolused 5 (4.5 for the high and .5 for the cannula) and the last bolus only 
showed .6.  The alarm history showed that the alarm sounded within minutes 
after the bolus, so I am not saying that it caused it but I KNOW it was 

Oh, and by the way I didn't re bolus, cuz I wasn't actually sure if it had 
given it all or not.  And she did come down, with in a couple of hours.  I 
like that line you guys use......."What gives?"

Anyway, now the question, Has anyone had this alarm before?  Anything 
similar?  I have dealt with minimed several times with NO problems and their 
sale and customer service people have been more than kind.  However, this was 
very stressful for me already and this lady though no out and out accusing or 
rude, I certianly didn't like the tone of her voice!  I know I hope I don't 
have to call this number again, and if I do, I hope I don't get her!

Sorry it is so long!

Susan (mom to Allie, 11 dx'd 8/98, pumping since 12-17-99)
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