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[IP] Re: Great Party

I do this all the time and my 9yo daughter sleeps right through
it (or if she wakes up, she doesn't remember it later.) I do the
site change in the mornings and an hour or so later hubby will do
a bg before he leaves for work. The next bg after that is
breakfast. It works out great! We've had to do some while she's
awake because it was necessary (site came out or blood in
cannula, etc) but most of them are done while she's sleeping.

I suppose for routine changes (ie no problems with site coming
out or blood in cannula) you could put in a new site while they
sleep but wait til they are up for the day to connect it (of
course, attaching new tubing if necessary and priming it and the
cannula first), then take out the old site. That way they won't
remember the site change but you can monitor the bg's during the
day. I think I'll try that next time. :)

Isn't this pumping thing great??? We've been to some parties and
sailed right through them with really good bg's.

Linda said:
<some snipped> so we were going to change site tomorrow am, but
there was blood in canula. He wouldn't let us change, so I said
why don't we do it when he is asleep! We did, and he didn't even
flinch. We will be monitoring him closely tonite, but it was nice
to do it without any yelling!

Take care, Kerri 
Alulitsuti "mother of many children"
"Cultivate peace at home." Petalesharo, Pawnee (Indian)
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