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Re: [IP] nighttime basal

Have you tried a square wave bolus on the nights that you eat the peanut
butter?  If I'm a little high at night or eat something fatty, I usually
square wave it overnight just to make sure I don't go low, but still
headed toward normal when the new day dawns... if you want to be poetic
about pumping :)

> Also,  I have also found my 6:30 AM or wake-up bg is in direct relation to 
> whatever I had as a 9:00 pm snack.  Most of the time it is rice cakes or 
> pretzels or yogurt.  The minute I go to the low fat frozen yogurt or ice 
> cream or peanut butter, I get a high am bg, no matter what I bolus.  How 
> come fat makes things taste so good?
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