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RE: [IP] Mini-med CGMS

I don't think that an instant readout necessarily encourages chasing
glucose levels.  I agree that this is a danger, but rather than ruling out
bg display entirely, the display rate could be reduced to displaying bg
every half hour, or hour.  That would still supply 24 data points per day
without the danger of panicking with a 250 just after eating.

The feedback pump is going to allow you to input the number of carbs you
eat at a given time and predict glucose changes accordingly so the pump
does not panic and overbolus you following a meal, because that's a
natural rise.

On Mon, 31 Jan 2000, Vern Catron wrote:

> 	I was also involved her in Jacksonville Florida with the monitor.  Agree
> that it needs to be waterproof and or have a quick disconnect. For what it
> is worth, I feel that the readout should not be displayed as that would
> encourage chasing the Glucose levels.  I know that they are working on an
> alarm system for the meters right now.  The pump docking station that is
> being developed will also accept the monitor as well as input from several
> conventional meters.  As far as a closed loop system I feel that we are
> about 5 years from a really effective system.  The biggest obstacle is the
> FDA on that.

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