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[IP] Mini-med CGMS

For anyone interested in the new mini-med continuous glucose monitor...here
are our impressions after Stephanie's recent involvement in a study group to
verify accuracy in people with diabetes under the age of 18...

Steph's reaction...the monitor needs to be waterproof or have quick release
capabilities...a month with no swimming is way too long! (don't forget,
she's 10)

Mom's reaction...eventhough we desperately needed the data to revise
Stephanie's basals (she's really growing these days) the monitor became
somewhat overwhelming. Stephanie was required by study protocol to wear a
sensor for 6 3-day periods and we added a seventh because we weren't quite
finished tweaking the basals. Study protocol also required detailed food,
exercise, etc. logs and a trip to Denver (1.5 hours each way) to download
the data at the end of each 3 day period. We discovered that Stephanie has
very erratic blood sugars during the night (ranging from 40's to 400's),
sometimes hittin both extremes in the same hour! Basals have been adjusted
accordingly and seem to be much better now. We really liked the ability of
the monitor to accurately record data (Stephanie's correlation coefficients
ranged from 84% to 98%) and the way data is presented on the readout. We did
not like that there is no way to know (on the model we tested) if the sensor
stops working (just like infusion sets...sometimes you get the duration you
expect, other times it comes up short) only there is no alarm or readout to
say it's no longer collecting data. Twice out of the seven tries the sensor
stopped working after about 30 hours and we had no way to know it until we
gat the data readout at the end of the 72 hours.

I feel very fortunate that our hospital will keep the monitors at the end of
the study and allow patients to check them out when necessary. Although I
think they are definitely on track with the technology, I don't think I'd
invest the $$ at this stage.

For what its worth...the researchers say that minimed has told the a model
with user readable data should be okayed by FDA soon (especially since
Cygnus got an okay for similar readout on the Glucowatch) and they truly and
reaasonably expect that a bionic pancreas tying the monitor with a pump in
one piece should be on the market in 10 years! Let's keep hoping!

Betsy Sale, mom of 10.5 yo Stephanie, who's back to being a $5k bionic
kid-pumper now that she had to give the monitor back!)

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