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Re: [IP] tissue damage re leaving old sets in

>     The only reason pumpers or anybody else [non diabetics]have fat
>is due to the fat they consume. To much fat goes right to the gut & shows
>here first.

I think it's pretty difficult to say that anything is the "only reason"...
I grew up in a dance studio & was EXTREMELY fit through high school &
college (in hindsight, my doctor theorizes that may be why I was not
diagnosed until age 21 - when I entered into the schoolteaching profession &
stopped getting 5-6 solid hours of exercise a day), but I always had the
"round belly syndrome", as does everyone in my mother's family.  My diet,
esp. in college, was a healthy one - & when I tested for body fat (to
maintain my aerobic teaching cert, had to pass a number of tests every 6
months), I tested in at just under 6%.  This was about 6 months after DX, so
I was REALLY watching food intake then.  For some people, a particular trend
in body shaping or formation may be genetic - so it doesn't seem accurate to
attribute it to only one possible reason.


P.S.  Since I'm now married to a wonderful guy I lovingly call "the
Nutrition Nazi", I am now eating healthier than I ever have before...& you
know what?  The tummy is STILL here!!  :)

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