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[IP] Supply Problems???

     I've been in the background reading the digest for a little over a 
     year.  I am lucky that my employer offers a prescription mail order 
     plan and I can get a 3 month supply for a flat co-pay.  Lately I have 
     been having trouble getting my pump supplies, in specific the minimed 
     QR sof-set kits.  The employee service center called me and said this 
     item is new and extremely popular. As a result, the manufacturer can't 
     keep up and allocates only so much per pharmacy. They suggested I go 
     directly through the manufacturer, (i.e. call and order through 
     minimed).  This is economically unfavorable, since then I'd have to 
     pay 20% per order as opposed to the flat co-pay for 3 months.  The 
     cost for an equal amount (3 month supply) for the one prescription 
     would be equivalent to almost the entire bill for my other three 
     prescriptions through the mail order. Has any one else had problems 
     getting pump supplies because they were on back order or are they 
     pulling my chain. 
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