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Subject: [IP] blood in site and tubing!

Hi Lynn,
Every once in a while, Jenna gets blood in her Tender catheter.  There are
just blood vessels down there under the skin, and every once in a while, the
catheter just hits one, I guess.  Her worst times for it are when she does a
lot of bouncing on the trampoline - she usually has her sites in her hip - I
guess it just moves around more when she does that.  We've learned to look
for blood in the catheter as part of investigating an unexpected high, if
it's there, all you can do is change it.  It clots and blocks up that teeny
little tube, and the insulin just doesn't get through.  We've tried several
ways of padding a site when she bounces, but can't say that anything
consistently works, so I don't know of any way to prevent it from happening.
Just change it when it happens.

Nancy Morgan

<<Finally I looked at his site and saw
that blood was forming in the site and the tubing. We changed him right
but can't figure out how or what this means..Is it like hitting a capillary
when giving a shot?  Is there something I can do to prevent it from

Thanks, Linda >>

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