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[IP] Update on Kap & Pumping

History was made tonight!
 During the Super Bowl - we both (Kap and Me) were to engaged in the game - 
last qt was nerve wrecking.  Of course we were eating and enjoying tense 
Well, he forgot to bolus and I forgot to remind him.
Needless to say, bgs went up to 342.
AND he said, I feel like throwing up and sleepy!
I had heard everyone say, that was what a high bgs felt like to them, but Kap 
has been 500s and even many 600s or 30s pre pump.  And he NEVER said he felt 
bad, he was just hyper with high bgs and sweet and loving w/ lows.  I would 
look at him and try to figure out why he wasn't falling down with high bgs.  
But he would say he feels the same, but he didn't act the same.
Of course he did a bolus and he checked for ketos - negative.  And fell 
But the most amazing thing now with Pumping is - he knows what a NORMAL bgs 
feels like, after all it took great effort to get the correct diagnoses.
PUMPING insulin has given my child his life back to him.
Thanks for Listening and being here to help me - Help Him
Mom to KAP (Kevin) age 9 - pumping since 1/19/00
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