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Re: [IP] To NSera-Knowing what it's like


So many times I have wanted to have my husband join some sort of research 
study in which he would experience a low blood sugar.  We have been married 
16 plus years and to this day he questions what I eat when my blood sugar is 
low.  Last Saturday I was cleaning the house and my sugars were never above 
40 for over 7 hours.  Dippy me forgot to do a lower temporary basal.  
Starting at 8:30 am it was 38.  At noon it was 40.  And at 3:30 PM it was 33. 
 At that point I ate at least 3 cups of vanilla ice cream.  An hour and a 
half later it was 152.  I was really impressed with my "control" over the ice 
cream.  At least I didn't eat the whole half gallon!

Bob said something about my choice of treatment options and I told him that 
the next time his blood sugar was under 40 for 8 hours I would consider his 
opinion.  Frankly sometimes he acts like my dad and I don't need one!  Boy 
this ticks me off!

Once I had a non-diabetic RD who was on an overnight research study where 
they brought their blood sugars lower than 60.  She said that during the 
night she called in a nurse because she had to go to the bathroom and when 
they helped her to the bathroom, she didn't even have the mental capacity to 
pee.  She told me she didn't know how I did it.

About a year ago a similar study to drop non-diabetics blood sugars was 
posted in our doctors' office and he refused to even inquire.  My spouse 
apparently doesn't want to experience a "low" so I wish he would stop giving 
me "his choices" (of course his blood sugar is normal at the time) for my 

A frumpy 40 year old MOM who refuses to grow up.  No, my ducks aren't in a 

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