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[IP] Great party

Hi everyone - just wanted to say how wonderful it was having the pump last
night! We were at my nephews birthday party from 6:30 to 8:30 at an indoor
playground. We dropped Adam's basal rate from .3 to .1, and he ate a piece
of pizza, and a glass of juice.  (this an hour after he had eaten supper!)
Then 1/2 an hour later he had cake and more juice! We bolused again, and at
9 pm he was 5.9! I shudder to think what he would have been without the
pump. We probably wouldn't have let him have the pizza or juice, just the

Everything seems ok, this site lasted 3 days, he didn't nap today and was
cranky at bedtime, so we were going to change site tomorrow am, but there
was blood in canula. He wouldn't let us change, so I said why don't we do
it when he is asleep! We did, and he didn't even flinch. We will be
monitoring him closely tonite, but it was nice to do it without any yelling!

He'll be going back to preschool tomorrow. My mom thinks he should stay out
a few more weeks - I said no way! I will go in this week to do bolus at
snacktime, and am getting the "Snack book" to record all the carbs for the
snacks they regularly have at school. She seems to be ok with doing the
bolus - just have to teach her the remote. 

Linda, mom to Adam, 4 - pumping 6 days and Jenna, 2, non-d

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