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[IP] re: Eileen/retinopathy

Hi Eileen (and all),

I can really relate to your eye experience!  A couple of years ago (I was
still on MDI) I was on a camping trip with my family and noticed a blind
spot in one of my eyes.  It was so strange!  At first I thought it was just
a perceptual-type disturbance, but I figured out that it was really a blind
spot when I was looking at stars that night and found I could make specific
stars just "disappear" by changing my eye position.  Creepy!

Anyway, as soon as possible I called my opthamologist.  Of course he was on
vacation for the rest of the week!  I was referred to another
opthamologist, who saw me the following day.  He said I had a blood vessel
rupture on my retina, that it could be very serious and require laser
surgery.  He did some dye tests, and said he'd call me as soon as he got
the results.  Then nothing; not a word!  I was so scared--and even with
calling his office every four hours I was told absolutely nothing!  

When my opthamologist finally got back in town on Monday, he saw me
immediately--got the pictures (that the other doc still hadn't looked
at!)--and talked me through all of the information I should have been given
72 hours earlier.  It was sooooooooo frustrating.  To make a long story
short, the hemorrage (I know that's spelled wromg--sorry) was very minor
and in fact it eventually just re-absorbed into the tissue.  He did tell me
I had to avoid high altitudes for awhile (I'd been hiking at about 10,000
feet when I first noticed the problem) and to not lift anything heavier
than ten pounds.  The first opthamologist didn't tell me of any
restrictions--just go home and he'd let me know.  AAARRRGGGHHH!
Incidentally, I was lifting weights on a pretty regular basis at the time,
and it was only my common sense and fear that stopped me from working out
to help manage the stress.  

I had to see my opthamologist every week for a while, then every month, and
now I'm back on a six month schedule, just like before.  I've had diabetes
for over 30 years with no complications--I was devastated when I thought of
all the things that MIGHT be going wrong with my body.  My story does have
a happy ending--no  sign of the damage on my last few visits, and no other
complications developing either.  I wanted you to know that this experience
may be just another bump in the road for you.  I sure hope so!  Not knowing
what was going on--and not having anyone to talk to who had been through a
similar experience--was the worst part for me.

:)  Doreen in Wyoming

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