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Re: [IP] No Low BG Sensation

At 07:11 PM 1/30/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>      Hi Jim:
>      I just want to make sure I understand your mail. Sounds like your 
> bgs is
>200 or more after your correction. DO you know how many grams of cho you are
>taking to raise your BG. If my BG is 40 I know if I take 15 grams of cho I
>will raise my BG by about 60 grams. I first learned that for every gram of
>cho that you eat that BG goes up by 4 grams . This is how I raise low BG
>without it going to high.

Sorry, should have been more specific. Carb intake at lunch was 75g / 12 = 
6.25u. BG factor (43 - 120) / 28 = -2.75u. The 28 comes from the fact that 
30 quit lowering highs and 25 drove me down too far. I now keep a 
calculator with very fresh batteries, dividing by 28 is not easy to do in 
my head.


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