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[IP] What gives??

When I saw my endo the other day, and asked him about my high numbers for 
the last couple of weeks, he and I went over all the things I'd tried and 
his best advice was basically to wait it out . . .which I am still doing :|
   Anyway, I know the insulin is getting infused properly because I did a 
few experiments with eating and shots and eating and bolusing, etc, in the 
same area and they both worked the same way.  Right now I have a temp basal 
set at 2 units per hour, and it is finally keeping me somewhat in a normal 
range.  This seems so weird, my usual basals are .3 to .7 u per hour . . 
.could I be fighting an infection for two and half weeks? I suppose anything 
is possible.  The weird part is, there is no pattern. Ok, maybe with D that 
isn't so weird, perhaps a more appropriate word would be frustrating.  I 
will be high for two or three days, with corrective boluses having NO effect 
whatsoever, then all of a sudden on the third or fourth day I will crash, 
then be OK for a few hours, then be high again the next morning.  But, I was 
at work last night and ate cake and ice cream and with all the running 
around on the job was 65 when I left.  So, something is working some of the 
time . . . grrrrrr . . . .also I have discovered a new phenomenon. When my 
blood sugars are out of control, my skin gets worse.  anyone else notice 
anything like this?? I guess because hormones are out of whack??  sigh.  OK, 
have english reading to catch up on now because I fell asleep on the book 
last week when I was supposed to finish it :) --Gianna
I seem to have a similar problem.  Have been having highs that are unusual 
for me.  Particularly 2 hours after meals, before bed etc.  Corrections don't 
work the way they used to.  I have also used higher temp. basals and am 
bolusing much higher for meals.  Using 40+ units of H versus 30+ units.  I 
did have 2 pump failures about a week and 1/2 ago.  Once the cannula came out 
and I didn't know it until late in the afternoon.  Probably no insulin from 
lunch on and of course, Murphy's law, I was snacking that day.  Went to 577 
and took a shot by syringe but it took me a long time to get it normal.   
Uggg!!!!  Then a couple of days later, I ran out of insulin at night, woke at 
over 400 but was able to get it down in a reasonable time.  Since then, I 
have had some type of viral infection and have had a UTI (taking antibiotics) 
for about 2 weeks.  Will find out tomorrow if that is better.  I feel 
terrible like I still have something going on.  Also worried if insulin is ok 
or if site is working.  Don't really know what to do.  Will try to check with 
endo tomorrow also.  Hope I can get back to normal soon.                      
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