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Re: [IP] re: what gives--Gianna

Ahhhhh, lovely hormones.  How we love to hate them.  ;)

I'm 25, still on MDI (pumping soon) and have switched my insulin types
numerous times from 20 until now.  I had been using Humulin R and N, the N
seemed to not work so well at night after a couple of years, around 24 I
switched to Humulin R, N in the mornings, and U at night.  Now the U doesn't
seem to be working for me - doesn't matter how much I give myself, or at
what times.  My doc said it's due to hormones - some insulins work better at
different times for different people (I guess you could say different
strokes for different folks!)  For the last 4 or 5 months I've been using
Humulin Lente and R, and now just switched to Lente and Humalog.  Whew!   :)
He said that through your mid twenties you still deal with a lot of hormones
finally leveling out and what not, so it's a constant thing to be battling
with until after your mid-twenties or so.  My endo started me on Humalog
with my injections so I could get a 'feel' for it's timing before I start
with it in the pump.  Much better control of my p.p. readings, and fewer
lows in the afternoon so far, so I'm pretty stoked about in the pump.  Other
problem of course has been the thyroid difficulties the last few months,
which caused my insulin use to just about double, but since it's being taken
care of I'm back down to my previous usages.

BTW, I've also noticed some skin problems when my sugars aren't
well-controlled, or when I get them back in control from being
uncontrolled - I always break out horribly from it.  Right now my little
face is lookin' not so good....Retin-A to the rescue!!! :)

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>  I don't know about you Gianna, but I"m looking
> forward to being 20 when the docs all say hormones
> will settle down..(but i don't think they'll settle
> too much)
>  Amy

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