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[IP] Speaking of first time for everything

    Sat morning  I was awakened at 7:30 am by my dog wanting out.  So first 
he goes out then  I  dash for the bathroon then back to the kinchen where my 
tester is and run a test.  After applying the blood I thought I better check 
on the dog as it was pretty close to zero and I worry about him being out too 
long (He is a big sissy)  Well I apparently stayed outsid when the tester 
made it's final beep and I didn't hear it.  Got the dog in and made a quick 
dash back to the bedroom to get back under the covers and get warm again.  
Got in and my sig. other said what was your sugar.  I thought for a moment 
and no numbers were coming to me then I said I guess I forgot to look.  We 
laughed and I was reminded that the mind is a terrible thing to lose.  Had to 
get back up go to kitchen and check.  70,oh good, I can sleep at least 
another hour.  
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