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RE: [IP] No Low BG Sensation

At 11:30 AM 1/30/2000  David Dougherty wrote:
 >I usually eat 3 glucose tablets. That does a pretty good job for me. I don't
 >go sky high like I used to when I would just eat anything sweet in sight. I
 >know what you mean about the roller coaster though. That happens to me
 >sometimes still too, but not nearly as often as it did on MDI.

It would be real nice if I could use such an easy solution. Sometimes I've 
taken 3 glucose tabs and 20 minutes later I'd dropped even lower... so 3 
more and then when that doesn't work, I start chunking down anything that's 
sweet. Some days I just stay real low... like yesterday... woke at about 70 
and ate a nice sized breakfast. I forgot to bolus. I was already low before 
breakfast and wanted to wait a bit, but then got involved with other 
things... at lunch time I was 67. Go figure. Good thing I didn't remember 
that breakfast bolus. :-)

Other days I can barely get my BGs to come down without huge boluses. It's 
been that way for 21 years... pumping has helped the swings moderate a bit, 
but I can never stay really stable over time... I continuously go through 
high and low cycles. Because of this, I have to set my basals set at an 
average amount and just compensate the best I can using boluses... I really 
wish I had the MM 508 with the multiple basal profiles. My A1c's, even with 
the pump, never get below 8... too many variations.


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