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[IP] re: what gives--Gianna

 I know EXACTLY what you mean...I go through highs
that won't come down, then lows, maybe a day of good
numbers, and back into the cycle. Although, today was
a pretty good day (should I start expecting highs:-)) 
 My basals are all 0.7-0.9, basically what they've
been the past 3 months, just hours of what basal
exactly seems to be what changes. temp basals have
never helped too much.
 About endos not knowing about highs..when i was in
hospital and my bg was over 800, I kept asking why,
why was i so darn high when i hadn't been since
diagnosis, why wouldn't it come down, why insulin had
no effect, and why it just kept coming up? the doc,
who didn't know pumps, but in general made it clear
the WHY didn't really matter, what mattered was
getting me down...it was a week after I got out of
hospital that things actually came down. (I was over
350 when I left the hospital, but it was an
improvement from 800). That was the worst bout of
highs, it'd been a week prior numbers just started
going up and not coming down, and then the 800 was the
peak and a week later I was in the 70s nonstop and
also fighting lows...endo never really cared about why
either. What *I* think it was, is just a huge dose of
hormones..otherwise, why wouldn't they have gotten me
in control in hospital?
 I don't know about you Gianna, but I"m looking
forward to being 20 when the docs all say hormones
will settle down..(but i don't think they'll settle
too much)
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