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Re: [IP] There is a first time for everything

 I guess in running
> around getting ready to leave I forgot to take my old set out.<vbg>  I
> gone all day with 2 sets in.  I guess there is a first time for
> Just thought I'd share.
>               Cheri :)

Me too.  I was laying in bed this morning, scratched my belly (right side)
and realized my quick released had released itself.  Sprung out of bed like
a nut...and asked, "Are you disconnected?" to dear hubby, as if I was
confused about who's belly I had been scratching.  I laughed when I realized
what I'd said...but then got REALLY confused when I looked over and saw that
my pump was securely attached at my site (left upper butt).  I was tugging
on my pump and could see that it was definitely connected, but then could
see the other site on my belly.  Took me at least a good minute of utter
confusion to realize I'd forgotten to take the old one off yesterday
morning.  Just one of the many Dumb Diabetic Tricks I've been known to do.

Karen (:

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