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[IP] What gives??

. . .to steal a popular phrase hanging around the list lately, What gives??  
When I saw my endo the other day, and asked him about my high numbers for 
the last couple of weeks, he and I went over all the things I'd tried and 
his best advice was basically to wait it out . . .which I am still doing :|
   Anyway, I know the insulin is getting infused properly because I did a 
few experiments with eating and shots and eating and bolusing, etc, in the 
same area and they both worked the same way.  Right now I have a temp basal 
set at 2 units per hour, and it is finally keeping me somewhat in a normal 
range.  This seems so weird, my usual basals are .3 to .7 u per hour . . 
.could I be fighting an infection for two and half weeks? I suppose anything 
is possible.  The weird part is, there is no pattern. Ok, maybe with D that 
isn't so weird, perhaps a more appropriate word would be frustrating.  I 
will be high for two or three days, with corrective boluses having NO effect 
whatsoever, then all of a sudden on the third or fourth day I will crash, 
then be OK for a few hours, then be high again the next morning.  But, I was 
at work last night and ate cake and ice cream and with all the running 
around on the job was 65 when I left.  So, something is working some of the 
time . . . grrrrrr . . . .also I have discovered a new phenomenon. When my 
blood sugars are out of control, my skin gets worse.  anyone else notice 
anything like this?? I guess because hormones are out of whack??  sigh.  OK, 
have english reading to catch up on now because I fell asleep on the book 
last week when I was supposed to finish it :) --Gianna
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