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[IP] tissue damage re leaving old sets in

Michael said 
<<You should leave the old set in place for 
2 hrs on H
4 hrs on R
to allow time for any infused insulin to be absorbed
before removing 
the set. This prevents leakage or tissue damage from
affecting the 
absorbtion of already infused insulin. >>

Ok, we got into this at summer camp, how pumpers get
fat stomachs even if they're bony elsewhere. I have
noticed that, even though i haven't used my stomach
areea in some time, I have not so much fat, but sort
of thick skin..i mean I can't pinch an inch, thank
goodness b/c on shots I cuoldn't, but it is tough skin
and "bigger", felt a bump and think it's from old
infusion sites, so am considering for the month of
february not using my stomach/abdomen/or side at all,
not sure if that's possible with the pump for me, but
i'm going to try. Have a great arm site, longest site
in 7 months....4 full days, I'm going for a record for
me of 7! But, is it possible that pumpers get bigger
in the abdomen not from reusing same areas, but just
from the constant infusion? Michael, would leaving the
old set in help prevent that? I notice I only have
this prob in the area 2 inches around my belly button,
which I rarely use b/c it always bleeds..

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