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Re: [IP] Glucose Gel

Hi Brian!
The gel you are talking about is called Insta-glucose and it is very handy 
because it does not leak in a purse or pocket and works very quickly. I like 
it because it is easy to open and doesn't have any sharp edges on it unlike 
the gel in foil packages.
  It is manufactured by a company called ICN. I live in Canada so I am not 
much help as far as what pharmacies carry it in the USA BUT I have moved a 
few times in the past 5 years and have gone to the local pharmacy where I 
plan on buying my prescriptions, I have told them what the product is and 
asked them to order it in for me. There has never been a problem with them 
bringing it in if they know someone wants it. It also has a DIN number and I 
was able to get my Doc. to write a prescription for it and have it covered 
by my drug plan. The DIN number is: 00762040. This number may make it easier 
for the pharmacy to see which supplier may carry it as well. The pharmacy 
has always been able to get it within a day or two. Walmart Canada carries 
it at their pharmacy so you could suggest to your co-worker to try calling 
Walmart USA to wee if they carry it there.
Hope this works!!
Carolyn Green
>From: Brian Carter <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Glucose Gel
>I have a pumping coworker and she has not been able to find a company or
>place that still carries the Glucose in a tube  (think it was called
>glucagel, or glucagone) it was in the red and white tube just like the cake
>icing.  If anyone has any department stores or pharmacy chains that carry
>it please drop me a line at:
>mailto:email @ redacted

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