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Re: [IP] No Low BG Sensation

Go with your gut feeling.  I have the same prob, usually at lunch.  I'll use 
easy numbers for example:

If I'm at 50, I eat, wait one hour, test again, say its at 100 then.  If I 
would have taken 3.5 units to cover my lunch, I only take 2.5 units then 
because the extra insulin that made me low is covering that hour from when I 
ate to when I bolused.  I'm basing that number on that 1 unit takes me down 
50 pts, whereas subtracting one unit will likewise raise me 50 pts.  I do 
this with temp basals too when I'm running too low and don't want to eat.    
This only works assuming that you don't have a large sugar dump because you 
have gone that low.  It's a crap shoot, isn't it?

Hope this helps,
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