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RE: [IP] No Low BG Sensation

At 11:05 AM 1/30/2000  David Dougherty wrote:
 >I was taught that I was not to even touch the pump if I was low (I also have
 >hypoglycemic unawareness). I am to first eat enough carbs to bring my sugar
 >back to the target range and only then am I to take a bolus for my meal. I
 >try to do this because when I am low I find I have a very hard time doing
 >any kind of calculation. I tend to miscalculate my bolus dose if I am low
 >and don't realize it until later when my sugar soars.

If it makes you feel any better, I have the same problem. It's a tough one 
to figure accurately, since I find that it's impossible to know the number 
carbs to take that will bring me exactly to where I should be... too many 
variables involved here. For me, this often brings on a post-low (or 
post-high) roller-coaster effect.


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