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RE: [IP] No Low BG Sensation


I was taught that I was not to even touch the pump if I was low (I also have
hypoglycemic unawareness). I am to first eat enough carbs to bring my sugar
back to the target range and only then am I to take a bolus for my meal. I
try to do this because when I am low I find I have a very hard time doing
any kind of calculation. I tend to miscalculate my bolus dose if I am low
and don't realize it until later when my sugar soars.


> even now have some. My carb count says I need 3.5 u of insulin after
> correcting for the low BG. I can reason that the number is
> right but my gut
> feeling is that I need to wait. Should I wait? And if so, how long?
> Jim

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