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Re: [IP] Waiting on pump authorization

Well, I haven't yet approached the insurance company yet, still waiting for
my endo to make up his mind.  My A1c's are also good, upper 5's lower 6's.
But I'm looking at my log book now and yesterday at 11:00 am my blood sugar
was 40, today at 11:00 am it was 251.  Two days ago it was 100 at 11:00 am
and the day before that it was 218.  A half an hour ago, I tested 173 now
it's 122.  Welcome to Rose's Rollercoaster... weeeeeeeeee!  Now this doesn't
sound like good control to me.  I take one amount of insulin everyday and
don't use a sliding scale, no one has ever set me up on that.  I believe
that I have very inconsistant absorption and it sometimes takes the insulin
a long time to start working, especially in the am but when it does, watch
out it hits fast and hard.  I figure I better eat in the next half hour or
I'm in trouble.  The pump has got to be better than this, but I have very
good A1c's I must be in good control *sarcastic thoughts roaming around in
my brain*.............

Type 1 for 37 years

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