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[IP] insurance authorization


Don't give up!  The squeaky wheel gets the grease!  I have a 17 year old
son, also Eric, who has been pumping since August '98 (dx 1/96).  When I was
trying to get approval from my insurance they initially turned him down for
the pump, saying he didn't meet their underwriting requirements.  I asked
what those requirements were and they him-hawed around and really never
exactly gave me specific requirements, but did tell me that my son hadn't
been hospitalized for either severe lows or for ketoacidosis.  I told them I
could arrange for that and asked if they had a preference.  I let them know
how absurd that statement was and that it was only because we were diligent
with his care that he hadn't been hospitalized since diagnosis.

They then told me they were just delivering a message and that they would
have their consulting physician, who had actually made the decision, call
me.  The same afternoon he called and said that even though Eric didn't meet
their requirements he was a good candidate for the pump and they were going
to approve it.  I was shocked that it came through that quickly.  So don't
give up.  Keep talking and "squeaking."  I believe it will come through for
you eventually.  They just don't want to pay anything they don't have to.
You just have to let them know you aren't going to take "no" for an answer!

Good luck,

Betsy Smith
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