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Re: [IP] Carb Calculator

We went out to Radio Shack last night, too.  The line of products you can
get that all handle the various reference cartridges are called "Bookman",
made by a company named Franklin.  The Bookman machines include
dictionaries, thesauruses (?), foreign language references, the entire King
James Bible, measuement converters, etc...some with pretty hefty price tags.
(In the current catalog, they're around page 270.)  Once you have any of the
machines, according to the manufacturer (the RS rep called them to confirm
this), any of the cartridges will work with it.  The carbo/fat/calorie
cartridge is indeed $20.  The least expensive of any of the actual machines
was a spell-checker that was $25...but if we decide to go this route, I
think I'd probably go ahead & get the dictionary one instead for $40.  The
thing is, I'd have to be very careful using it in school - a few years ago
when teaching 5th & 6th grade general music was among my various duties, I
was horrified to discover that some of our 5th graders had NO IDEA how to
look up words alphabetically in an old-fashioned paper dictionary!  It seems
they all had these handy little pocket dictionary gadgets & they would just
enter a word & *poof* there was the definition!  I went on a one-woman
crusade against these "devices of evil" (okay, maybe that's a BIT harsh
:)  ) & banned them from my classes, forcing poor grad schoolers to stress
their brains by actually having to seek answers by turning pages in a BOOK!!
Yes, I now have a reputation for being rather eccentric in my demands, but
you know what?  My kids READ BOOKS in class!  Okay, okay, I'm getting down
off the soapbox now...thanks for letting me ramble!


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