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[IP] low syndrome

>we change geneva's carb ratio also.  just today she is running low...we
>changed basals by - 0.1 unit all day and I had to reduce carb ratio for all
>meals.  this low syndrome began yesterday am.
>geneva's mom

i think there is something in the air...i've been low for the past 4 days,
and have been cutting basals drastically... i woke up this morning at 69,
yesterday at 68 and the day before at 54! and i've kept cutting back the
basals! and to think pre-pump i was always 300! the pump is doing TOO good
a job... :)

Erinn (D for 15 years, pumping 1 month, 1 week, 6 days)
- What matters most is how you see yourself -
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