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Re: [IP] Injecting through Silhouettes

On Sun, 30 Jan 2000, Denise Guerin wrote:
> When I used Humalog for my basals, I went into ketoacidosis very quickly if
> I had a delivery problem. Ketones, nausea and vomiting within one hour of
> stopped or decreased delivery. I test 8-10 times a day and once or twice at
> night and because of gastroparesis cannot predict whether a high bg is
> caused by delayed food absorption or too small a bolus.  .Humalog leaves me
> jittery.  It works too fast and leaves too fast.  My endo suggested
> switching to R three months ago and using Humalog only to cover high
> glycemic foods such as my 60th birthday cake last November.  :-)
You might want to consider using a mix of both -- you might get the best 
of both worlds as others have done. About 6% of the list membership mixes 
for one reason or another. Even a little R or V with the H takes the 
"jiggeryness" away for some.
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