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Re: [IP] UGLY CDE encounter, & questions - LONG!!!

Peel the prescription label off carefully and bring them to another 
drugstore for an exchange :)


On 29 Jan 00, at 12:43, email @ redacted wrote:

> Hello All!
> I had a rather invigorating/aggravating experience this past week, &
> realized that I may need a CDE, so I have some questions about how that
> works.  The local home health care supplier I use for strips & lancets (not
> that those are a frequent purchase :)  ) has a CDE on staff.  I've only
> really met with her when I first started getting my strips there (3 years
> ago)...she wanted to teach me how to use the meter I had already been using,
> then had me sign a sheet verifying that I already understood it.  Probably
> just regular procedure - not what I'm questioning here.  The second time was
> shortly after I started pumping...they do not carry pump supplies, & I
> wanted to see if it would be possible to initiate them starting this.  I was
> pretty much told that there are very few pumpers in the area, so there's no
> real point in them setting up an account.  Okay, I think I can understand
> that.
> Here's the current situation:  I've used the FastTake for the past few years
> (One Touch Profile prior to that), & after reading various posts, became
> very interested in the Accuchek Complete.  After unsuccessfully lobbying for
> a freebie, I managed to get hold of one (Thank You, Sam!), & around the same
> time requested a free Dex from the site posted here in December.  So now I'm
> looking at two weeks worth of Christmas break from school, & two possible
> new meters...this is all very good, in terms of having the time to do
> comparative readings with side-by-side tests, seeing how I felt about the
> comfort/ease of process involved with each.  Seems ideal...will, however,
> require strips.  Well, this should not be a problem, either - my scrip is
> for 200 strips, period, no brand specified...that's why it was so easy for
> me to switch from Profile to FastTake in the first place.  I was concerned
> about causing a problem with insurance billing as far as processing a "mixed
> strip" order, so I picked up the strips off of the shelf (50 FastTake, 50
> Advantage, & 100 Dex - that's the only size Dex strips they had) & took them
> back to the girl in billing to find out if this was okay...no problem.
> Fastforward a few weeks.  I've tried the meters...the Complete & I are in
> love, & the Dex #'s are consistantly more than 100 points different from the
> other two meters!  Although I've only tested through one Dex disc (the one
> that came with the meter), the results I have gotten, combined with the
> pump-info-recording features of the Complete, have helped me to determine
> which meter I want to go with.  Since I'm down to only a few day's worth of
> Advantage/FastTake strips, I ask my husband to take the unopened box (priced
> at $81.50) of Dex strips in to exchange it for Advantage or Comfort Curve,
> if they have those.  He works very near the supply place, so this is
> convenient.  I get home from work & receive a call from him - they say I
> can't return them (their posted return policy is 30 days, with receipt)
> because they were a special order for me.  They say I will just have to use
> these & wait two more weeks before I'm allowed to get any more strips.  No,
> they were NOT special order...I bought them off the shelf, that day.  I call
> the place, & they put me on with the CDE...who proceeds to tell me quite a
> few things, some of which are listed below:
> 1)  Very few people use the Dex, it is a very faulty meter.
> 2)  The strips had been specially ordered for another customer (now a former
> customer - wonder why?) so they are not considered a stock item, & therefore
> cannot be exchanged or returned...although I was not informed of this at the
> time of purchase.
> 3)  She was very angry that my record showed having bought strips for
> several meters (even though I had explained the reason for the December
> purchase, & had been told that this was fine)...she said that she knew the
> Accuchek had come with my pump.  I said no, it was a gift.  She asked if I
> was certain, as she knew that pumps all come with a free meter.  She asked
> if I had returned the meter's warrenty card to the company & I said I hadn't
> gotten one, the meter was a gift.  She told me I could not have possibly
> received a meter in any way without a card, I simply hadn't looked through
> the materials or had lost it.  (What the warrenty card had to do with this
> whole issue, I never did figure out)  We debated this a few moments &
> dropped it.
> 4)  She said "You 'say' you are a pump user...then you have no business
> switching from meter to meter.  You have to decide upon one meter & stay
> with that, DO NOT experiment with other products!"  She then asked who my
> endo is...when I gave her the name, she icily informed me that he does not
> have pump patients!  Hello - I've been seeing him 3 years now, he did two
> other pump starts the same week as mine, & I know he has a slew of other
> pumpers, both before & after my start!
> 5)  She told me that the people I SHOULD be contacting are at Accuchek, to
> see if they will send me free strips to cover the next few weeks!  I told
> her that I didn't understand why it would be THEIR responsibility to help
> compensate for the somewhat unreasonable business practice of one of their
> distributors.  She told me that they would easily provide me with strips.  I
> said, "And if they won't?"  She said then I could call her back another day
> & we'd see if any other options were available.
> 6)  During this conversation (unbeknownst to me), my husband was on hold
> from his workplace, waiting to speak with her.  He asked if we would be able
> to return the strips if they were another brand (thinking maybe it was just
> a "no returning strips" policy, & perhaps we had missed the fine print
> somewhere along the line) - oh, that would be no problem, as those would be
> an item they have a market for.  At this point his nasty side came out (oh
> yes, he's got one of those), & he said "So what you're telling me is that
> you have a SELECTIVE return policy, that you pick & choose which returns you
> will accept?"  From that point I guess the conversation became pretty
> heated, & she said "Fine!  Just bring them in & we'll give you a credit!"
> He asked about exchanging them for the other strips...she did not know if
> they would have the others in stock, & didn't have time to look.  (Nor, did
> she, apparently, in the 20 minutes it took for him to get over there after
> they hung up.
> 7)  She then wrote him a credit memo for the return - which I notice she did
> not sign, although she made him sign it - but it is on their store
> letterhead, & the time & date is on it...although she wrote the wrong date,
> he made a point of correcting it for her.  She also told him that before I
> came in again I had to decide on ONE meter & I would only be permitted to
> purchase ONE type of strips!
> My questions are:
> 1)  Can she do that?  (#7)  If my doctor (who apparently doesn't prescribe
> pumps anyway) has prescribed 200 strips. no designated brand, can she decide
> that they MUST all be the same?  I was planning to keep my FastTake at work
> as a backup...not much good without strips!  Is it her role to tell me what
> I may or may not do regarding meters/strips?
> 2)  Who all should I be aprising of this situation?  I think my endo should
> know he's no longer a pump doc, according to popular rumor, & I'm calling
> the insurance company on Monday to see about going through a different
> supplier.  Is this a Better Business Bureau kind of thing, or is there some
> organization that keeps tabs on questionable/unethical practices among
> health supply providers?  I DO NOT want to leave the door open for other
> people to go through the stress nightmare that this has been!!
> 3)  How does it work, when you see a CDE?  Is this something that requires
> payment/is handled via insurance/ works as a free service through the
> hospital or establishment that employs them?  I've read a lot of posts about
> people calling their CDE with questions, etc...I'd like to have that as a
> resource, & I'm not really sure how to go about setting it up.  I DO know
> which local one I DON'T want <g> ...I would like the opportunity to have a
> more positive experience with someone trained in that field.  Any advice on
> searching/getting started would be greatly appreciated!!
> If you read this in its entirety, THANK YOU for being patient with the
> length!  Because the situation was so very convoluted, I felt the details
> were necessary, & I would appreciate any advice on how to handle my next
> interaction with the health care place.  (If my insurance will let me buy
> elsewhere, I will - but there's still a matter of an $81.50 credit that I'm
> not going to just walk away from!)
> Feeling better already,
> Sammi
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