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[IP] 3yr old considering pumping

We have been considering pumping as an option for our 3 yr old (her
father pumps) but up untill now have not found a MD that is willing to
work with us.

Last week we were informed by an MD that she would be willing to put
Emily on a pump.  We believe this to be the best way to manage her
diabetes but would like any feedback from those parents with young

Issues we have concerns with:

Pump location on someone so small...she's only 28 lbs!
Type of site and location. Are there issues with it coming out
Acceptance....do children want to remove the pump after the novelty
wears off
Long term control....at first it seems like the way to go, do long term
sugars show this to be true

Thanks for your feedback:)

Craig and Nancy

ps....Please respond off line......thanks.

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