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[IP] re Jenny Porro

I would like to welcome you to IP.  I also want to tell you that going on the 
pump has been the single most positive thing I have done.  I have been 
diabetic since age 5 (31 years) and was starting to have severe anemia, 
kidney damage, neuropathy, etc.  Since starting the pump, I feel more like a 
normal person because I am not tied to eating exactly every two hours like I 
was before, my bg's have stopped swinging from 500 to 30 within an hour, I 
have cut  my insulin usage in half, have lost almost 50 pounds in 4 months 
(not having to feed the lows) , skipping meals if I'm not hungry, I have more 
energy than I have had in years, and I feel great in general.  Sure, it took 
getting used to being connected to the pump 24/7, but now I feel naked 
without it.  My kidney function is almost back to normal, I have been able to 
cut all of my oral diabetic meds, cut the diuretics, and now only have to 
take the neuropathy med occasionally when it kicks in.  I have gone from 15 
pills a day down to 5 a day, and 3 of them are vitamin/minerals.

As far as scuba diving, the Disetronic pump is completely waterproof, 
although I don't know to what depth pressure wise, a rep could probably tell 
you that.

In my opinion, once you get through the first few weeks of getting basals and 
boluses set, you will feel much more like a normal person than a diabetic.  
You couldn't take my pump away from me without killing me first!!

Let us know what you decide!

aka Mouse
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